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January 24, 2021 5 min read

We can forget the line, "Ring around the roses, pocket full of poses..."

Chances are, as a child, you sang this nursery rhyme, and maybe your own children sang it again. This well-known children's verse originated in the 1700s in England, and although there are some dark theories about its original meaning, it is still as popular today as it has ever been with children.

Nosegays or tussie-mussie floral bouquets are called Posy flowers! These are not particular blooms, but these are small bouquets tied with ribbons and you can easily fix these blooms in hair or pinned to clothing. But today posy flowers are a bunch of different flowers mix together.

Posies are tiny bouquets of flowers that have been popular since mediaeval times. The kingdom would create poses with special flowers during the reign of Queen Victoria in the United Kingdom and give a sense to each collection of flowers. These poses were used for coded communication between those who understood the significance behind and a mixture of flowers.

For instance, if a man wanted to profess his love for a woman, he might verbally say it or give her a pose of red or pink carnations, chrysanthemums, or roses; this is a love professing Victorian language. By answering in Victorian language, the woman can also refuse the invitation for a romantic relationship, and she can do that by sending a pose that consists of a mixture of yellow carnations and candytuft.

Posies bouquet and a modern wedding:

Posies have recovered their prominence in this century as an integral part of a bride's clothing and elegant wedding bouquets. Wedding poses have historically been crafted in a dome shape, with flowers arranged in circular patterns, the circles reflecting never-ending love. In order to express their message, these poses were then kept together with a lacy doily and a ribbon in a fitting color. Craft stores today offer posy holders in which you can simply arrange your chosen flowers.

Are Posies poisonous?

Flowers are lovely, but they have a dark side as well. Not all flowers are as cute and innocent as they seem. You can find from carnivorous blooms to poisonous poses. Be warned before you stop giving them a sniff: even blossoms that do not contain neurotoxins bring out odors that are sufficiently pungent to knock you over.

To avoid this real issue sola wood flowers are considered as the best substitute for all poisonous or allergy-causing flowers. Other faux bloom options are also available, but the environment-friendly nature, versatility, and affordability of sola wood flowers are just amazing.

How to make a Posy bouquet?

To create a posy bouquet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Gather the posy flowers: You need to collect the flowers you want to use first. Even, the vase and the greenery need to be packed. Long stem flowers are the best type of flowers to use, such as tulips, snapdragons, lisianthus, and roses. To give the flower a special shade of green, you can also add viburnum and eucalyptus. A transparent vase is the most fitting vase for a pose.
  2. Remove Foliage: Remove from the top of the flower any foliage that is about 8-10 inches.
  3. Spiral Stems: Keep the flowers with your least efficient hand at the mid-point; we think it's your left hand in this situation. Slowly introduce other blooms, make sure that there are not more than three stems at once. On the right, position any flower you add and tilt the stems to the left. Spiral stems start growing as you add more flowers. Tape the stem with florist tape in the middle.

Posy plant garden:

It is as easy as picking out and growing your favorite cut flowers in the existing landscape, a dedicated posy bed or in decorative pots to create a posy plant garden. Just go out and snap the desired blooms when you want to make a simple pose to let everyone know he or she is in your thoughts. When many of the same flowers can be used in any form of floral craft, a cutting garden could easily double as a posy garden.

What are the right posy flowers to grow?

Many variables influence how poses are produced. The environmental situation, the form of a flower, and your intention of growing those flowers are some of those variables. As such, you must first study the flowers that grow optimally in the position you want them to be planted. Also, to ensure that they bloom maximally, you should cut the flowers each morning. To make it grow for a longer time, you can add preservatives to the flower bouquet.

How to care for posy plants?

In the kitchen, an indoor plant gives you warmth and helps to embellish your home. In your house, it also helps to refresh the air as it releases oxygen, which is the part of the air we need for breathing.

Growing posy plants is simple indoors, but they take a lot of care. Plants respond to lots of environmental conditions is common knowledge among botanists, and these conditions decide whether your posy flower thrives or dies, as such, your climate is the ultimate determinant of which flower you plant.

  • Light: If the plant is a leaf plant, make sure that it does not have contact with the sun, especially the late afternoon sunlight, ensuring that the pot does not dry and that the leaves are in a healthy condition.
  • Watering: A major indoor plant killer is overwatering. The posy flower can be destroyed by both overwatering and under-watering. Pour the water directly into the soil when watering the garden, and not the plant.
  • Foliage Plants: Once a week, you must add water to a leafy plant. Simply dig a finger into the soil if you want to check if your plant needs water and check if it's safe. If the land that is close to the root is dry, add water.
  • Succulents: Indoors, these kinds of posy plants are very easy to nurse. It's not necessary for you to water them as much as you water other plants. Don't brush it with water, and don't water it every day. Pour a lot of water into the soil and leave it for a week before this action is repeated.
  • Fertilizer: Do not add fertilizer to the soil indiscriminately, as this can damage the plant, you can only add fertilizer to know which nutrient is deficient after checking the soil. When you apply the suitable fertilizer in the correct proportion, and you add wetting agents, your posy flower thrives best.

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