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January 19, 2021 4 min read

"You can have two views on the Roses! Either you can complain because Roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have Roses."

It is a fact that roses convey optimism, fresh beginnings, and promise.

The rose flower has always been a significant part of many ancient cultures, from folk tales, myths, and even religious texts; you will find clues to their uses. Roses also have a secret or confidential sense. Roses continue to be the world's most beloved flower with its nuances of elegance, the way it gives to every floral arrangement to express love and completeness.

Woodflowers.com shares with their readers some of the top-rated roses according to their colors and sub-classes of a single color:


There are two main types of red roses:

1.     FREEDOM:

A beautiful red rose is simply perfect for your dozen arrangements!

Every florist recognizes that this rose of liberty is a fundamental staple of roses that you must have in a flower shop. In the United States, it is the highest-selling rose. It's a beautiful shade of red and it has been alive for a long time.

2.     HEARTS:

This garden-variety rose has beautifully ruffled pedals that can produce some lovely movement that will take your birthday away with its spectacular red color.


These roses have 3 sub kinds that are:


With a completely gorgeous shade, this cream-colored rose has ruffled petals. Owing to how romantic and captivating it can be when prepared in the correct manner, it is stable in wedding floral arrangements and bouquets.

2.     POLAR STAR:

The Polar Star is a great choice for most flower designs when searching for a real white rose. Blooming in huge sizes, they have a long life in the vase.


3.     TIBET ROSE:

This rose opens beautifully into a long-lasting white, cream-colored rose. It's the go-to white rose of the most floral shops.


You can find pink roses in 3 attractive varieties:


This rose is another beautiful rose of the garden variety that differs a little with each rose in color variations from a light to even blush pink on the sides between darker pink edges. While, like some roses, it does not have a fragrance, it will last over a week.


This rose has an utterly stunning baby pink hue. For that reason, it is a genuine favorite for wedding arrangements.


It's truly a lovely vintage rose!

A ruffled pink rose with a hint of green tint on its petals is the Pink Mondial. It has many lasting qualities, ideal for any floral arrangement to add romance and softness.


Peach roses are favorite blooms for classic weddings. They are availble in 3 types:


A real peach in hue, this rose has a hint of pink undertones. It is a beautiful and long-lived rose, perfect for floral arrangements and wedding bouquets.


For many floral shops, Juliet is a garden variety rose that is the number one choice. This sophisticated rose has a perfect peach hue that is so impactful, regardless of what it is for, in just about every floral arrangement or bouquet. It also has a lovely scent that gives to the floral designs a touch of whimsy. It usually lasts for a week, but it could last a few extra days if properly processed.

3.     VERSILIA:

The Versilia rose has a light peach color to it, but with a long-lasting life, it still blooms beautifully. One of the must-try rose varieties for florists.


This rich, dark red-hued rose opens into a big flower that makes it all the more captivating, maybe even more captivating than the Freedom Rose.


It has 3 sub-types:

1.     AMNESIA:

With its unique lavender color, it is not only a reliable but beautiful addition to any floral arrangement. Just make sure that the guard petals are disposed of and attached to any floristry model you like! This one is also going to live for more than ten days.

2.     COOL WATER:

Try the cool water rose in a floral arrangement just once and you'll be hooked. This one has a real vivid lavender hue that is likened to a breath of fresh air by clients and florists alike. It is beautifully shaped and can last up to two weeks if they are prepared correctly!

3.     OCEAN SONG:

This one is gaining considerable popularity for being a genuinely long-lasting rose with resilience as far as lavender roses go. It is undoubtedly the true addition to every flower store.


Different types of orange roses are:

1.     CIRCUS:

Currently, this orange rose is not truly an orange. It is a bi-colored rose that is an outstanding replacement for an orange rose. It has hues of red and yellow that come as close to orange as anyone would ask. It has a quantity of vase pedal that opens up into a large bold and pretty rose. For any floral style, it is excellent.


This stunning yet ruffled rose almost exactly suits its name. It blooms very large and will live a good while in a bouquet or floral arrangement if prepared properly. As far as orange roses go, once you remove the guard petals, this one is an awesome one.

3.     VOODOO:

Since this gorgeous orange rose is almost magic, don't let the name scare you off. It is probably the best choice for a real orange hue. It lasts an average of about a week but may last longer if properly processed.


1.     CATALINA:

The stunning lemon hue of this Catalina garden rose is perfect for all floral arrangements and is a must-have for any flower shop. It has a very long life in a vase, but no fragrance.


As far as yellow roses go, when entirely in bloom, this one is a vivid yellow with a hint of orange hues. For that great dozen, that's a long-lasting rose.

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