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March 04, 2021 4 min read

A flowerless wedding will be exactly like a seashore without sand, a song without music, and a beautiful face without a smile. Flowers are a must accessory or an unavoidable component of your big day. 

There is simply nowhere to escape flowers from the bride's bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and corsages to table centerpieces and floral cake table arrangements. Although bridal bouquets are available without available flower flowers, they remain there in any form, such as jewel flowers, paper flowers, or a bunch of greenery or fruits arranged in a floral arrangement shape. Brides and wedding planners typically offer real flowers preference, but artificial or wood flower arrangements for a wedding may also be a suitable or even better alternative.

Depending on the architectural theme, personal tastes, and seasons, wedding bouquet styles are ever-changing. With each New Year, another floral change is not an unforeseen occurrence. You have seen a dramatic shift in wedding flower arrangements and wedding bouquets in recent years. The entry of wooden flowers in the wedding decoration industry was a little late. Still, its success is immense, and every third wedding today is organized with wood flower arrangements.

A creative step in floristry!

The origin of the Tapioca plant has changed the history of the floral market. This Tapioca vine, which is a tropical species of the Euphorbiaceae family, is the source to provide the raw material for sola wood flowers. These are handmade blooms made from shavings or balsa tree bark and are naturally available in the ivory color.

Why should you have wooden wedding flowers?

When wooden flowers are compared to actual flowers, wooden wedding flowers will potentially save you hundreds of dollars, and it's the most significant plus. Still, there are a lot of reasons to go for this kind of artificial flowers. You can see that wooden wedding flowers open up an endless universe of choices when you think about this subject. There are several options.

Reasons to prefer wooden wedding flowers:

Here are some of the common advantages anyone can expect while using sola wood flowers for their wedding decorations:

  1. Economic: Wooden wedding flowers cost less than the price of the original flowers. However, it is not really a great difference in prices, but they look as beautiful as the actual ones. These are elegant and sophisticated, just like the fresh-cut flowers.
  2. Longevity: A gust of wind, light rain, or little carefree transport of flowers may cause serious harm to actual flowers for a resort wedding. Wooden wedding flowers can take up even more than all the circumstances listed above. These flowers are much more robust and reliable, and you do not have to think about a gloomy wedding day.
  3. Free choice for allergens: Real floral arrangements at the wedding venue can cause problems with some guests in the event of a pollen allergy. Wooden wedding flowers provide you with relief from this sort of situation. If the bride, groom, or any member of the bridal party is vulnerable to allergies, a wooden bouquet, wooden flower arrangements, and fake flowers for a wedding are a great choice.
  • No need to go in-season:

In every season, pick the flowers that you have your heart set on. Sola wood wedding flowers supply you with a season's preference of favorite flowers. You will get what you want, regardless of the seasonal supply of flowers.

  • Rent wooden wedding flowers:

It is not feasible, of course, to have a true flower for sale. But there are several online shops, such as woodflowers.com, with a pre-designed bridal bouquet catalog that can be reserved at a very nominal rental fee. It's also lower than the price of a bouquet consisting of real flowers that will still go into the dustbin after a couple of days. 

  • No color choice restrictions:

Wooden wedding flowers give you the right to pick a flower of any color that you want. You can dream of red hydrangeas and blue Sunflower, too. This is exotic and exclusive, and the wedding style can also be quickly followed. Bridesmaids may also pair their dresses with flowers.

Sola wood flowers and wedding decorations:

Nowadays, Sola wood flower making has become a radical enterprise. Thousands of online and offline sola wood flower suppliers are available, providing their sola wood wedding decor services. The basics of nearly every wedding are now the sola wood flower centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, floral wedding arcs, and floral walls. 

In itself, marriage is an expensive affair to plan. It will leave a massive hole in your purse, from the decorations to the bridal dress and shoes, and from food and drinks to photographs and movies. It is an expensive choice to use original flowers. Still, you need to note the temperature, seasonal usability, and color constraints.

Over everything, a few days before the reception, the delicacy of original blooms never makes you make flower arrangements because within a day or two, these color pops will quickly wilt, dry, and stain. Whereas for wedding planners and brides, the sola wood flowers have several plus points. Floral centerpieces, floral arcs, bouquets, and other floral arrangements can now be planned weeks before the wedding.

One of the most common and necessary elements of a wedding is the bridal bouquet. This piece of wedding accessory still stays very close to her heart. Brides deserve to have distinctive bridal bouquets that reflect not just her style but remain forever as an iconic part of her wedding album. A real breakthrough in bridal bouquets has been bought by Sola wood flowers. Now brides will get a personalized sola wood flower bouquet. Not only are these personalized bridal bouquets for their wedding book, but the bride will keep it as a souvenir for a lifetime of her most romantic and lovely memories.

Wood flowers are the perfect substitute for the real flowers that are not the only ideal option for weddings, celebrations, and home décor, but for this planet Earth's overall environment. These are organic substances that are 100% bio-degradable and eco-friendly. 

Be particular with your choices and select wood flowers as the most suitable option for your celebrations in every way.

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