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March 29, 2020 3 min read

With most of the world being under quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, we all have a lot of time to spend at home and plan our future after everything gets back to normal. As taking care of your health is the priority these days, you will probably have to adjust your wedding planning schedule. Actually, you might even have to postpone your wedding if COVID-19 remains dangerous. That doesn't mean that your wedding planning should stop, though. You can order sola wood wedding flowers, practice your wedding dance, and communicate with your vendors during these crazy times. Here are a few more things that you might want to do!

Build Your Wedding Website

Having an informative and stylish wedding website is vital, especially these days when a lot of people are bored at their home and have hours of free time. Make sure that your wedding website is up to date and keep your guests informed about any potential changes due to the current situation. Also, add some funny content that could help your guests feel more relaxed and build a nice momentum coming into the wedding.

Shop Sola Wood Wedding Flowers

The good thing about sola wood flowers is that they cannot get old, so you can easily buy them now and use them whenever your wedding comes. With a lot of time on your hands, you can easily learn how to shape sola wood wedding flowers, create wonderful wooden bridal bouquets, and arrange sola wood roses.

Contact Your Vendors

If your wedding is already planned and most of the things are booked, you might want to contact your vendors and ask them about the current situation. Also, we recommend finding out any information regarding the cancelation or postponement of your vendors' services. Hopefully, you will not need to do these things, but you want to be prepared just in case.

Practice Your Dance

Being stuck at home is difficult, especially when all the gyms and sports clubs are closed. However, to keep yourself physically active, you can always practice your wedding dance. Most of the choreographers will be happy to organize online classes, and after you know your routine, you can polish it with your partner. Just imagine how surprised everyone will be seeing you dancing like a pro, surrounded by astonishing sola wood wedding flowers.

Take Care of Your Registry

Many people, including your guests, will spend hours shopping online during the lockdown, so you want your registry to be updated. You have time to think about all the details and items that you might need. Also, spending so much time at home, you might have already changed your mind about not needing that dishwasher or smart refrigerator. These things can make your life so much easier, right?

Polish Your Playlist

You are probably listening to a lot of music now anyway, so think about every song in the context of your wedding, as well. Believe us – people will want to dance after the quarantine, so make sure to have a solid playlist!

Strengthen Your Love

At the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is your love for your partner. Yes, sola wood wedding flowers are beautiful and delicious wedding cake is… delicious, but you are getting married because you love your partner. So, during this mandatory lockdown, take your time to know the love of your life even better, so that you could say "YES" with even more confidence when the wedding comes!

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