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January 07, 2020 2 min read

Organizing a wedding will cost you a lot of money. You will need to book the venue, take care of the ceremony, buy sola wood wedding flowers, purchase a wedding dress, and the list goes on forever. Also, after you get married, you will want to go for a honeymoon somewhere sunny and warm. Unfortunately, that means even more expenses. So, how in the world do you get enough funds for your wedding, honeymoon, and the start of your new life? You can always ask guests to write you a check or give cash instead of buying physical gifts. Traditionally, that might sound unethical, but times are changing, and people understand the power of money. That said, you must remain tactful when asking your guests (especially older ones) for money instead of gifts.

Don't Ask for Money on Your Wedding Invitation

It is not ethical to include any information about the wedding registry on your wedding invitations. It means that you should not request for cash, as well. Instead, give your guests information about how to access your wedding website, where all the information about gifts is provided.

Spread the Word

Most guests will ask your parents and wedding party, what would you prefer for a gift. That's why it would be wise to inform your closest people who help you organize the wedding that you prioritize money (cash, checks, etc.). Ask your wedding party to spread the word around, so that every guest would come to the wedding with the right gift.

Let Guests Know the Reason

Money is quite an abstract gift. Some guests might feel uncomfortable, not knowing how they add to your new life. After all, you can touch sola wood flowers, use the microwave, and adorn a beautiful picture, whereas money can be used for anything. To help your guests realize how they are contributing, make sure to provide the reason why you need cash. You might need it for the honeymoon, paying off the mortgage, or moving to another state. We guarantee that most people will feel great knowing that they are giving you money for an exact reason.

Don't Forget the Traditional Registry

Some guests, especially the older ones, will refuse to gift money for your wedding. You have to respect their decision and have a traditional wedding registry up and running. After all, there will always be some household items that you need to replace or upgrade. We know that it is ok to have wooden wedding flowers instead of fresh ones at your wedding. It is also ok to skip the classical ceremony and have a shorter version of it. However, your grandmother might think otherwise. Respect that and let her buy you a new set of dishes.

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