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March 02, 2020 2 min read

We must care about our nature and make sure that we practice a sustainable and eco-friendly way of living. It is not only important for us but also for our kids and grandkids. So, when you decide to start a family, you might want to think about the future members of that family and have an eco-friendly wedding. We promise that there are many ways to make it look even more beautiful than a classic wedding. With all the available sola wood wedding flowers, sustainable venues, and organic food, you can wow your guests and set an example on how to love not only your partner but the whole planet.

Outdoors Venue

Naturally, the best idea for an eco-friendly wedding is to get married outdoors. There are plenty of options, from vineyards to farms to beaches. Just take a look around the area that you are living in and try to be creative. Also, it would be great to discuss your needs with your wedding planner as they have probably organized eco-friendly weddings before and should have plenty of suggestions. If you are not a fan of outdoor weddings, at least try to book one venue for the whole celebration so that people wouldn't have to use unnecessary transportation. Also, speak with the venue's owner to see if they are prepared to fulfill your needs.

Sola Wood Wedding Flowers

Sola wood wedding flowers look extraordinary, last forever, and, most importantly, are 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. Unlike fresh flowers, you will be able to use wooden wedding flowers after the wedding, would it be gifting them to the guests or bringing them to your new home as decorations. Also, sola wood bridal bouquets are the latest trend in the wedding scene, so your pictures will look spectacular!

Local Vendors

To make sure that you purchase all the products and services from people who support sustainability, it is the best idea to hire local vendors. You can meet them prior to the wedding and see how they work and what materials do their use. On top of that, supporting a local business is always a great idea as that boosts the economy and encourage people to keep their eco-friendly mindsets. So, instead of buying sola wood wedding corsages and boutonnieres from a huge manufacturer, you might want to turn to a small business that cares for nature, quality, and their customers.

Your Mother's Wedding Dress

Instead of buying all the new dresses, clothes, and costumes for the wedding, you might want to use something that you already have. That applies to both the couple and the guests. Make sure to at least look at your mother's wedding dress and think about ways to change it so that it would fit your taste and style. If your mother's wedding dress is too different from what you are looking for, scroll through wedding dress rental sites instead of buying a new wedding dress from a shop. Also, let your guests know that the most important attribute that they can bring to your wedding is their smile and energy, so you encourage them to wear clothes that they already have. There is no need to buy a new dress for every occasion.

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